The Ripples In The Water

This is not who I am.

Code Orange Kids - Dreams In Inertia

Oh fuck yes, they speak my language. Hardcore bands transcending hardcore


Teeth - Jettison

I’ve done nothing to deserve you

Will you forget me in a week or two?

I fell asleep in my skin again just to wake up

right before 6 AM

I have been searching for a download link for Jettison for so, so, so long it’s stupid. They make me a little nostalgic for Connecticut, and a lot nostalgic for what music used to be like. Alas, all rad things come to an end and Jettison broke up a while back, with members going on to form Hostage Calm and My Heart To Joy. This track is my absolute favorite off of Drag.

I’ve posted a Mediafire link below. It includes Drag, and a few assorted demos. If you’re a big Hostage Calm fan, check out the Wail demo, as it’s a really really early version of I Woke Up Next To A Body. Enjoy!


I have been wanting for this to re-surface on the internet for so long after losing my whole music library. Making a rainy day so much better.

"we self-identify as history fucks, actually" - group of history nerds


A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet and a raisin is just a grape that is ruined and inedible. 

I like that part in my star*d playlist on spotify when it goes from Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire to Escape The Fate.

The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers

when we kiss it feels
like a flying saucer landing
and I can’t sleep
'cause you got strange powers


wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

so totally wow I hope I don’t explode into rainbows…. or do I? <3

The Hotelier - Discomfort Revisited